Multi-Care Pressure Reducing Mattress



The Multi-Care Pressure Reducing Mattress uses 3 layers of flexible polyurethane foam of differing densities for patients with medium risk of developing pressure sores. The outer layers of Visco Elastic Memory foam reduces pressure and conforms to the patient's body shape there-by eliminating pressure points by transferring support uniformly.

Vapor-Med Mattress Covers

Vaper-Med is a 3-way stretch PU Coated Polyester, which reduces friction, shear and pressure. Vaper-Med has been treated with Actifresh which protects against biological attack from bacteria and fungi.

A memory foam mattress overlay that can be used on top of a standard single size mattress and is specially designed to relieve pressure and provide additional comfort.


1990cm x 850cm x 4cm

2 year warranty on cover, 5 year warranty on foam

Waterproof PU Coated Fabric

With 3-Way Stretch

The PU coated fabric complies with the Australian Standard AS 2001.2.17 – Determination of resistance of fabrics to water penetration – Hydrostatic Pressure Test.

Close up of mattress cover high frequency welded seam

High Frequency Welded Seams

The seams of the cover are welded together using a high frequency welding technique which fuses the PU coated fabric together creating a waterproof seam.

Unlike sewing the high frequency weld does not leave holes.


Waterproof Zip

The special waterproof zip has concealed plastic coated zipper teeth making the need for a protective flap unnecessary and preventing any liquid penetration.
  • Standard size: 1990mm x 850mm x 150mm
  • Fire retardant flexible polyurethane foam
  • Foam is treated with Ultra-Fresh
  • User weight limit 150kg
  • 2 sided turnable mattress with 4-way rotation
  • Fire retardant Vaper-Med cover
  • Fully treated with Actifresh
Standard Sizes
  • 1940mm x 850mm x 150mm
  • 1990mm x 850mm x 150mm
  • 1990mm x 1050mm x 150mm
  • 2yrs Cover
  • 5yrs Foam
User Weight
  • 150kg

Download our Solari Medical Pressure Reducing Mattresses brochure.

Solari Medical Pressure Reducing Mattresses
Property Typical Value Standard
Composition 46% Polyurethane 54% Polyester
Weight +/-230gsm BS 3424
Breaking Load Warp:55kg/5cm
NF G37-103
Elongation Warp:150%
BS 3424
Tera Strength Warp:3.0kg
NF G37-146
Adhesion > 1000g/per cm BS 3424
Hydrostatic Head > 200cm ISO811
Fire Retardancy Crib 0.1 & .5 BS 6807 & BS7175
Water Vapour Permeability 1250 G/m2 over 24 hours at 38.5°C ASTM 96-66
Bacteriostat & Fungistat Sanitised TPL 84-18 Actifresh
Recommended Washing Standard Disinfection Wash Cycle up to 75°C