Dura-Flex Pressure Reducing Mattress

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Vaper-Med is a 3-way stretch PU Coated Polyester, which reduces friction, shear and pressure. Vaper-Med has been treated with Actifresh which protects against biological attack from bacteria and fungi.

Property Typical Value Standard
Composition 46% Polyurethane 54% Polyester
Weight +/-230gsm BS 3424
Breaking Load Warp:55kg/5cm
NF G37-103
Elongation Warp:150%
BS 3424
Tera Strength Warp:3.0kg
NF G37-146
Adhesion > 1000g/per cm BS 3424
Hydrostatic Head > 200cm ISO811
Fire Retardancy Crib 0.1 & .5 BS 6807 & BS7175
Water Vapour Permeability 1250 G/m2 over 24 hours at 38.5°C ASTM 96-66
Bacteriostat & Fungistat Sanitised TPL 84-18 Actifresh
Recommended Washing Standard Disinfection Wash Cycle up to 75°C
  • Offers a unique design, with far more flexibility for individual patient comfort.
  • The excellent pressure reducing qualities better assists patients at medium risk of
  • The mattress channelling system minimises moisture build-up and ventilates the surface by allowing heat to travel through the channels, keeping the patient cool and dry.
  • The five different sections are designed to support the patient’s different body mass while minimising the effects of pressure and shearing.
Standard Sizes
  • 1940mm x 850mm x 150mm
  • 1990mm x 850mm x 150mm
  • 1990mm x 1050mm x 150mm
  • 2yrs Cover
  • 5yrs Foam
User Weight
  • 150kg

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Solari Medical Pressure Reducing Mattresses